Brand Ambassadors FAQs

what is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person employed by an organization or company to represent its brand in a positive light, helping to increase brand awareness and sales. Brand Ambassadors can work events as individuals or teams. 

Will I be compensated?

Each event varies based on our clients budgets. In general, the pay rate is $20-30/hour. In some cases when events are longer than 5-6 hours, there is a daily rate rather than an hourly rate. Once hired, the rate of pay for each event is list to allow you to make an informed decision about applying. 

are there costs associated with being hired?

Once hired, you must show proof that you have a valid Responsible Vendors Permit. Class for these permits are offered in person or on line starting at $20-25. Once you complete the class, the permit is good for four years. After it expires, you must renew it by taking the class again. Some companies offer discounted rates, for more information email


You will also have to provide your own transportation to events. Some travel costs are reimbursable.

is there a mandatory time commitment per week?

Once hired, you will have access to the event calendar. You can apply for events that fit your schedule. If the events for any particular week do not meet your schedule or you have other obligations, then you would not apply to work. You apply for jobs based on your availability. 

are the supplies and attire provided by Key Models?

Key Models supplies items like tables, ice buckets, cups, etc. to use for each event. Brand Ambassadors will provide ALL black attire such as shirt/blouse, pants/tights/jeans, skirts/dress, and shoes. For some events, our clients will request that our Brand Ambassadors wear black pants and black shoes, while the client will provide a shirt with their brand on it. There are occasions where our clients may want khaki pants, white shorts, or brown shoes. Once hired, that information would be available to you prior to applying for the event.  


Our Clients

We Have Successfully Executed Events for the Following Clients:

Jack Daniels


Avion Tequila

1800 Tequila Silver
Bombay Sapphire
Grey Goose
Remy Martin
Seagram’s Gin

Full client list is available upon request.